Shoulder Pain

15 July 2020

Rotator cuff related shoulder pain The rotator cuff is a complex made of four muscles and their tendons (muscle attachments on a bone). This particular structure keeps the shoulder joint in the socket joint. The shoulder joint is the fastest and the most mobile joint in the human body. To achieve this level of mobility sacrifices had to be made. And the sacrifice comes in a shape of stability. The shoulder joint (ball and socket) has a very shallow socket. Therefore, ...

Lower Back Pain

8 July 2020

Lower Back Pain Lower back pain is the most common musculoskeletal condition treated by physiotherapists. Most if not all adults will develop lower back pain at some point in their lifetime. Sometimes it could be caused by trauma – sports injuries, road traffic accidents, falls, etc. However, most of the time the pain starts for no particular reason.  Historically and still currently, lower back pain is highly over-medicalised. Treatment and prognosis associated with lower back pain vary widely from bed...

Neck Discomfort

5 July 2020

Neck discomfort is a very common issue these days. In most cases, these issues start due to prolonged sedentary positions i.e. desk jobs, long traveling times. In other cases, neck pain is caused by an injury like a fall, sports injury, or road traffic accident. Overall, neck discomfort can be frightening and worrying. However, in most cases, it is the same as any other injury or pathology. If left unaddressed though, it could become a chronic problem.  Most of the...