Ultimate Spinal Workout

Spinal workout

Ultimate Spinal Workout

A traditional spinal workout often neglects the entire spine, with a predominant focus on the lower back. This comprehensive routine, endorsed by Rob from AMR Physio, addresses all areas, including the often-overlooked neck, to promote overall spine health.

Rob’s Recommendations: Incorporate both mobility and strengthening exercises for a balanced and effective approach to spine health.

Lower Back exercises for the Spinal workout:

  • Start with light weights, gradually increasing over time.
  • Check out this instructional video for valuable tips on form and focus.
Additional Lower Back Exercises:
  • Side Flexion on Hyperextension
  • Cable Rotations
  • Jefferson Curls

Thoracic exercises:

Exercises for Thoracic Mobility and Strength:
  • Laying Extensions
  • Seated Side Flexion
  • Kneeling Cable Rotation

Neck exercises:

Neck Strengthening Exercises:
  • Deep Neck Flexion
Progressions for Neck Strengthening:
  • Banded, off bench at an angle, and bridging.
  • Cervical Extension Progressions (Banded, off bench at an angle, and bridging).
  • Side Flexion off Bench

Important Note: If you haven’t targeted specific muscles or explored particular ranges in a while, initiate your spinal workout with lighter weights, gradually progressing over time.

Remember: Maintain a well-balanced routine that combines both mobility and strengthening exercises to ensure comprehensive spine health.

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