Getting you back to what matters most!

Online Rehab Programs Designed by Physiotherapists.

A complete simple to follow guide explaining everything you need to know about your condition in order to take control of your pain and recover faster!

Getting you back to what matters most!

Years of Experience in the field of Physiotherapy.

Year of experience – These blueprints have been designed with over 15 years of combined musculoskeletal experience, all picked from the brains of our clinicians and personal experiences and placed into these blueprints in the most easy, understandable and effective way of managing your conditions. 

Here’s what you will get:

A step-by-step programme explaining your condition and taking you through your recovery journey focusing on rehab and advice on other self-help techniques

The AMR approach to rehab – We follow our approach in rehab, which is built from years of experience within the clinic and have endless successful stories following this approach to get out of pain quicker.

Important signs to look out for – the safety of our clients is our top priority, we will give you all the information you need so you don’t miss anything serious

Weekly tracker – You will receive a weekly tracker within your document to monitor your progress as you proceed through your rehab journey

Graded exercise program – we understand through our years of experience that this is the most important part of the rehab journey so you start at the most appropriate level and safely build up for a quicker recovery to get out of pain faster

These blueprints suit everyone regardless of your current physical fitness level

We understand how debilitating your condition can be! This plan will aim to get you out of pain quicker and getting you back to what matters most!

Saving money

This is a cost effective, money saving way to manage your condition. We understand that in clinic appointments can be expensive and pricey so we have made this blueprint to help you in the most cost effective way possible! This document is equivalent to the price of over £300 in clinic visits!

Physiotherapy treatment programs

These treatment programs designed to help you recover from a range of conditions and injuries. Our team of experienced physiotherapists have created comprehensive treatment programs that are tailored to your unique needs and provide the support and guidance you need to live pain-free.