Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Rotator cuff related shoulder pain

The rotator cuff is a complex made of four muscles and their tendons (muscle attachments on a bone). This particular structure keeps the shoulder joint in the socket joint.

The shoulder joint is the fastest and the most mobile joint in the human body. To achieve this level of mobility sacrifices had to be made. And the sacrifice comes in a shape of stability. The shoulder joint (ball and socket) has a very shallow socket. Therefore,  the rotator cuff muscles have to work hard to keep it in its place.

It is believed that the speed of the joint was needed when we (homo sapien) evolved to stand on our two feet and started to hunt. Shoulder joint evolved to be able to throw spears and rocks to hunt animals. However, it is not designed to do repetitive overhead movements. It is very common for people that perform these actions for example painters and decorators or gardeners to develop shoulder pain. The risk of developing shoulder pain increases with age as well.


What is the best way to get rid of shoulder pain?

It is always recommended to see a specialist initially to have a diagnosis. The best current evidence is progressive loading (exercise therapy) to strengthen the whole shoulder complex.

At AMR physiotherapy, we will provide a detailed assessment and provide the latest evidence-based treatment plan that usually consists of hands-on technique and exercise therapy. Most importantly, the years of experience in an NHS setting, in MSK and Chronic pain services will ensure that we will be able to identify a serious pathology and direct you to the right place if needed.

If you wish to try some of the lower back exercises yourself please consider visiting our InstagramFacebook and Youtube pages. We have put a list of exercises that may help to improve your function and hopefully reduce the pain you are in. 

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