Spinal flexion when lifting

30 October 2022

The debate of spinal flexion when lifting seems a hot topic right now. Instagram arguments: camps for both sides, some saying - yeah do it, and others dead against it. Who is actually right though, should you or should you not have spinal flexion when you’re lifting? We are going to shed some light on this try and take out some confusion for people who just aren’t sure which way is right. We are going to break this down into...

Back Pain Prevention

20 August 2022

Now everybody wants a healthy back, good mobility and no pain even as we get older.  That’s what we are going to explore today. Something quick you can do that’ll give you the biggest bang for your buck to make that happen.   This came about after I’d seen a patient in his 80s. They came in to see me due to some knee pain. During the assessment looking at some of his movements, I noticed that he had really good mobility...

Long Covid

23 April 2021

What is Long covid and what are the symptoms? Recently growing evidence from patients’ experience has shown that a significant part of people that suffered from COVID 19 struggle to shake off the unwanted side effects from the disease. These include difficulty breathing, trouble concentrating (brain fog), chest pain, fatigue.  Most people report difficulty in engaging with normal activities of daily living and reduced energy levels. However, long covid is still a fairly unknown condition with no clear diagnostic criteria nor...