Deep Tissue Massage

“Deep Tissue Massage therapy – Not just for athletes”

Deep Tissue Massage at the AMR clinic is provided by our wonderful Annabelle Chamberlain – Bella and Valentina Colombo.

Bella shares her passion for Yoga and healing through the practice of Deep Tissue Massage. She combines yogic breathing with hands-on Sports massage techniques. This allows your mind and body to relax completely! Bella will encourage you to communicate exactly what you’re experiencing, to achieve the best physical results. As well as relieving muscular pain, Bella will work with you toward creating balance within the body. This could be expressed by improving your posture, increasing your mobility, and flexibility, and of course, reducing stress.

Bella shares her passion for well-being and improving muscular-related pain, through her practice of Deep Tissue Massage therapy.

She has previously worked within the mental health sector; before qualifying as a Personal Trainer to now a Sports Massage Therapist. It’s with her experience that she understands and practices the importance of maintaining a healthy mental and physical body.

Bella’s approach with her clients is unique for soft tissue therapy, as she combines her knowledge and practice of yogic breathing techniques to gently guide you and your body into a deeply relaxed state.

Bella says that “every client that comes to me is unique, and so every treatment is tailored to them, for them”. She explains that so many of her clients feel that Sports massage needs to be ‘painful’ to be effective. However, this is usually not the case. Annabelle emphasises the importance of working with the body and not against it, so during treatment, she will encourage you to communicate pressure and comfort to obtain the best possible outcome from your treatment with her.

Bella is an active and friendly individual that lives a creative, adventurous, and balanced lifestyle. She enjoys outdoor hiking, wild swimming, functional exercise, yoga and meditation, and her favourite…cake!

Valentina is a Sports Therapist who firmly believes that physical activity is the key factor for health and well-being. She is a member of the Sport Therapy Association and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. She specialises in “Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation” and “Physical Activity in Health and Disease”. 

​”Every day I help people who suffered from an injury or had surgery, to take their life back. I also help people who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, back pain, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, headache, migraines, sciatica, PCOS, thyroid diseases, and joint pain, to manage their condition and live a healthy life. I create bespoke strength and neuromuscular conditioning plans and provide manual therapy according to the client’s needs. I support clients from the beginning to the end of their journey, helping them face tough moments and explaining as much as possible about their condition so that they can understand it, manage it, and achieve their target. I follow an evidence based practice approach and keep myself constantly updated about the last scientific research that can help to improve my client’s condition.”

Furthermore, Valentina gained experience in the health field by working as a Physiotherapy Assistant at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, where she was involved in the rehabilitation of trauma inpatients and outpatients. Valentina also worked in sports settings as a Pitch Side First Aider and Sports Therapist for the University of Nottingham, the Table Tennis England Team, and the Singapore Touch Rugby National Team.

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