Author - Rob Fenlon

Alternative exercises to the Deadlift

23 July 2021

So previously we have talked about deadlifting and what variations you can try. Today we are looking at other ways you can still hit those muscles of the posterior chain that doesn’t involve deadlifting. Whether that because it’s something you’re struggling with due to niggles, injury or pain while doing it, or just fancy a change but still want effective exercises to hit the same areas. Today we going to show you 7 alternatives for strengthening that posterior chain.These...

Deadlift variations

18 June 2021

Hello, do you ever struggle with the deadlift? Looking for alternatives, trying to improve your deadlift. Per put focus on different areas and need to adjust due to an injury, so you can still get benefits of a great exercise, well we have you covered with 7 variations you can do of the deadlift. Number 1 - is the Hex Bar deadlift You will need a hex bar for this and you’re holding it out to the side like a suitcase...


5 May 2021

Today we are talking about the deadlift! We are getting into how to perform the deadlift correctly and effectively with some top tips. We are also getting into 4 of the most common mistakes to avoid.  The deadlift is a great compound exercise hitting several muscle groups and strengthening that posterior chain. The posterior chain refers to all the muscles on the back of your body, with a big focus on the hamstrings, glutes, and erector spinae.  A lot...