Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage also known as Deep Tissue Massage is a well-known technique to help with muscle soreness, tightness, and muscle spasms.

Even though it is called sports massage, you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from one. Soft tissue work is great for reducing upper and lower back tightness for people who tend to sit a lot at work. 

Sports massage can benefit people who train at the gym. It could help you to train more regularly and deal with DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) better.  

The benefits of soft tissue work have been reported mostly in observational studies and it is difficult to prove scientifically the benefits it does on a body. Some of the observed benefits of deep tissue massage are for your body (physiological) and some for your mind (psychological)

Massage also helps with:

  1. increase your range of motion of the joints
  2. increase soft tissue flexibility
  3. decrease muscle tension or a spasm
  4. decrease pain levels by desensitising your nervous system
  5. helps to learn more about your body

At AMR physiotherapy soft tissue work is provided by registered and experienced therapists – Bella (Annabelle Chamberlain) and Valentina. Therefore, you will always be in safe hands. In addition to the standard sports massage, we will additionally screen you for medical or structural pathologies as part of the service. 

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