Rob Fenlon

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

Rob has always had a keen interest in musculoskeletal conditions, and currently works as a Physiotherapist for AMR as a co-owner in the business, whilst also working as an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner within the NHS.  Rob is HCPC registered and completed Physiotherapy as a second degree attaining a first degree honours and building on previous skills. Rob has several years experience working as a personal trainer as well doing sports massage alongside, passionate about helping clients reach their goals.  With this wealth of experience Rob is dedicated to helping you get back to the things that are important with skills to help you go beyond this, to promote your health and fitness, building resilience to minimise future injuries.  So no matter what aches or pains you are struggling with Rob and the rest of the team will be happy to help.  
Rob uses his experience gained in the NHS setting to assess his patients thoroughly. He believes that medical care should address the person as a whole – their mind, body and spirit. He is therefore prepared to answer questions about your past medical history, previous injuries, stress levels, diet and lifestyle.
He will then assess the integrity of musculoskeletal and neurological systems, biomechanics, movement patterns, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.
The treatment is based on three main pillars – education and advice, exercise prescription/ lifestyle changes and hands on techniques. These involve mobilisation, stretching, muscle energy techniques, soft-tissue massage, and proprioceptive work.
The emphasis and proportion of time spent on a particular modality varies from patient to patient. Rob provides a patient-centred care, therefore, sessions are adjusted to your needs.
The main aim is to restore your body’s function, mobility, strength, stability and overall fitness.
Clinical interest
Rob has always kept fit and active, is a regular gym goer and would not ask anything that he wouldn’t do himself.  Rob is comfortable treating any MSK pathology, although his particular interests lie in thoracic pain and the rehab of knee pathologies.  Rob has attended various CPD events and ensures he always stays up to date with the latest research.